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We speak in Bangla, we understand local media and we understand local commerce. We are your trusted advisor in delivering targeted business solutions to your door. Your website is more important now than ever. It is the face of your business and needs to present the right image. We offer local service at offshore prices. Why mess around? Let us help you build your Internet business from the ground up.

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The "first come ? first served" rule applies to all registrations in Bangladesh. This means that, if you're the first one to request the registration of a certain Bangladeshi domain name (and you meet all conditions set forward), then you'll be the one that will get the domain name and be able to hold on to it as long as you renew it's registration in time.

Which is one of the largest growing online markets. Its government constantly promotes the IT field as the most prospective one and it's a career choice for a large part of the population. The fact that many big corporations have outsourced their IT departments there has helped a lot and now Bangladesh is one of fastest growing online markets.

Today it is very easy to become an .BD registrant as compared to several years ago when the TLD was not open for general use. Now you can get your .BD domain in a few minutes, no matter what your nationality is and where you are located. Get your .BD domain now for a period of 2-10 years from Eicra.com at an exclusive price and gain total control over your online presence.

Payment Methods: We accept secure credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Dinners Club, JCB) and PayPal payments.

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