Register Your Domain Name With .bd and be Proud to be a Bangladeshi. is the top level domain for Bangladesh. Before taking decision to register domain please visit FAQ. There is No restriction usually means that a foreign company or person can register any and as many domain names as they require. Please Download the both PDF form below and fill it up with proper information. Make sure the information you filled up it correct to the best of your knowledge. After filling both the forms, please return the files to process .BD TLD registrations.

Country Domain: Domain Name Bangladesh .COM.BD 
Tld & Country Information Domain Registration Bangladesh .COM.BD 
Application Fee Included
Maintenance Fee Variable
Domains Per Applicant Unlimited
Sub Domains
Local Presence Local presence is required
Trustee service N/A
Multiple Domains Allowed
Minimum Registration Durations 2 Years
Domain Registration Rules Local presence is required
Authorized Domain Registrant Eicra Soft Ltd
Root-Zone Whois  Ministry of Post & Telecommunications Bangladesh Secretariat